Scheduling Process With Personal Calendar: Calendly vs. Doodle vs. Sprintful

Looking to modernize your work process? Scheduling software is the go-to platform for companies today. This blog explores the top three scheduling apps - Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful. You will learn their features, scalability, and pricing policies to understand what option best fits your business needs.

Why Do You Need To Automate Your Scheduling Process?

How can you optimize your workflow? The simple answer is automation! Scheduling apps help you do just that. They free up your time so you can focus on running the day-to-day operations and planning for your future growth.

There are several reasons why automating your scheduling process can be beneficial:

  1. Time savings. Automating your scheduling process can save you significant amounts of time. Manually scheduling meetings, appointments, or events can be time-consuming, especially with multiple participants or complex scheduling requirements. Automating the process can streamline it, allowing you to allocate your time more efficiently.
  2. Increased productivity. By automating scheduling, you can minimize the back-and-forth communication typically involved in scheduling appointments or meetings. Automated scheduling tools can coordinate calendars, check availability, and send out invites or reminders, reducing the need for manual coordination and follow-up. This can help improve productivity by reducing administrative overhead and allowing you to focus on more value-added tasks.
  3. Improved accuracy. Automating scheduling can help reduce scheduling errors, such as double bookings or time zone mishaps. Automated scheduling tools can automatically check for conflicts and ensure that appointments are scheduled accurately, minimizing the risk of errors that can lead to misunderstandings, missed appointments, or other scheduling mishaps.
  4. Enhanced convenience. Any scheduling tool can offer greater convenience to you. Automated scheduling tools can provide self-service scheduling options, allowing participants to book an appointment or meeting at their convenience without manual coordination. This can help streamline the scheduling process and make it more convenient for everyone involved.
  5. Better customer service. Automated scheduling can improve customer service by providing clients or customers a seamless and efficient scheduling experience. It can help reduce delays in scheduling appointments, minimize scheduling conflicts, and improve overall communication and coordination.
  6. Scalability. As your business or organization grows, appointments, meetings, or events may also increase. Automating your scheduling process can help you handle increased scheduling demands more efficiently and effectively without adding additional administrative overhead.

Automating your scheduling process using Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful can save you time, increase productivity, improve accuracy, enhance convenience, provide better customer service, and support scalability.

How To Schedule Meetings: Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful

How does scheduling software help you exactly? What does it do for you that you can’t do alone? Well, it does everything you can do yourself but better, in less time, and without errors. It takes care of things you can easily delegate, such as fixing appointments, informing about time changes, setting meetings, etc. Let’s dive into the functionalities of the 3 top scheduling apps.


Calendly is a well-known scheduling app. It’s one of the top scheduling apps. This software helps you automate your appointment scheduling system while also offering other helpful functions, including automatic calendar syncing, smart notifications, online payment, and group meetings using integrations like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Doodle offers similar key features as Calendly to its users with some pertinent differences. The platform has wonderful integrations that everyone uses and needs, such as Outlook, Zoom, and Microsoft Office 365. It also enables you to sync your calendar to your schedule to avoid such issues as missed appointments. Furthermore, it automatically detects and arranges user schedules per the required time zones.


Sprintful combines the best functionalities of Calendly and Doodle.

Sprintful provides an automated calendar booking feature while giving you complete control of your timetable. It has powerful built-in integrations such as Zoom, Slack, Stripe, Outlook, and Salesforce, enabling you to manage several ends of your operations from a single platform. The app also empowers you to make the most of your time by ensuring optimal scheduling of daily meetings. Moreover, it prevents you from double booking yourself, which is a common problem for specialists that make regular appointments with countless clients.

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: What App Is The Best For You?

Calendly is an easy-to-use software. You can incorporate it into your business without investing time to learn its ins and outs. Its dashboard is neat and uncomplicated. You can share your calendar with your clients; they will view your free slots and make self-bookings.

Doodle is a shared-calendar software that helps streamline internal processes such as team conferences, weekly meetings, etc. This tool allows your entire team to confirm their availability. Additionally, this app also helps you schedule appointments with individual clients. The primary feature of Doodle is effective team management and collaboration by bringing your team members in one place and at one time.

Sprintful is an agile and scalable software that caters to your individual needs. Its top feature is its deep customization capability. This makes it excellent for all businesses looking to solidify their brand while automating their scheduling process. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, mid-sized business, or large enterprise, you can optimize this tool for your specific needs. It gives you complete control of your schedule, lets you book the meeting through an automated process, and helps you manage your internal communication by leveraging integrated tools like Slack and Zoom.

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: Booking Features

Booking is one of the core functions of the 3 apps we explore in this article. Different businesses have different booking needs. In this section, we will tell you all you need to know about each app's booking system.

Calendly Booking Features

Calendly offers you a powerful online booking system. You or any team member completely control your schedule. All you have to do is mark out the available slots and let your clients pick one. You can also limit the number of daily appointments you will take. At the same time, you can determine minimum scheduling notice to prevent last-minute meetings. You can also allow your clients to choose from one-on-one and group meetings.

Doodle Booking Features

Doodle provides you with a single dashboard to manage your entire schedule. This tool also has high privacy features, meaning you can show clients only your daily and hourly available slots. Guests can request a meeting time with you, but it’s up to you to approve it. Once an appointment is scheduled, you must send a link to the attendee. Overall, the system fast-tracks your appointments. By the way, you can set the meeting length instead of choosing pre-determined slots like 15- or 20-minute meetings.

Sprintful Booking Features

Sprintful helps you optimally manage your schedule. First, it gives your clients the option of self-booking. They have to go online at your customized booking page, view your available slots, and book a meeting time with you. You can also receive customer file attachments if you need documents before the meetings. Moreover, you can download booking details and share them as necessary. The app tracks all the time slots and effectively prevents double bookings. It also adds buffer time between meetings, ensuring you have no appointments in what’s supposed to be your free time!

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: Smart Alerts

Confirming meeting times takes a lot of effort. It’s also a huge waste of time because you must manually type emails, text, or call them. Scheduling apps take care of all that and more for you.

Calendly Smart Alerts

Calendly enables you to set automatic reminders for your customers. You can either text or email them to confirm their appointment once it is booked.

Doodle Smart Alerts

Doodle work is excellent. Doodle always asks for your customer’s email or contact details. So the app automatically sends a reminder to the attendee 24 hours before the appointment.

Sprintful Smart Alerts

Sprintful lets you create notifications for your clients. Whether customers make a new booking, cancel, or reschedule their appointment, the app automatically alerts all parties about schedule changes. You can customize the notification body and subject line according to your requirements. Sprintful sends automatic reminders via email, SMS, or Slack. You can choose when to send the reminder - a day before or on the same day. You can also set multiple notifications for a single event, ensuring everyone will be on time.

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: Calendar Management

Effective calendar management is necessary for optimizing your operations. All 3 scheduling apps have terrific calendar management capabilities. Let’s explore them in detail.

Calendly Calendar Management

Calendly Calendar Management

Calendly has advanced calendar tools; you can use this single app to sync several calendars. You might have a work calendar as well as a personal one. With Calendly, you can sync them in one place and be aware of your schedule. Calendly integrates with iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more, allowing you to oversee different types of appointments daily, whether client meetings, internal conferences, or a family dinner.

Doodle Calendar Management

Doodle Calendar Management

Doodle offers you a bookable calendar. Using it, you can pre-populate your calendar to show your availability and block off times you are busy. This scheduling tool integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365. So as soon as a client books an appointment, your primary calendar will be updated automatically. If you make an entry into your personal calendar, your Doodle booking page will reflect the change. The app also automatically detects your and others’ time zones and makes scheduling considering this data.

Sprintful Calendar Management

Sprintful Calendar Management

Sprintful has flexible calendar functionalities. This tool also integrates with popular external calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365. You can connect several calendars to your Sprintful calendar, ensuring no scheduling conflict between your business appointments and personal or social commitments. As all your calendars are synced, you are alerted as soon as a new booking is made, giving you complete visibility of your upcoming schedule. You can easily prevent problems like overscheduling and double booking. If you want some time without appointments, you can block off the time slot on your app calendar. The scheduling process is thoroughly transparent.

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: Event Scheduling

Now let`s discuss how Calendly, Doodle, and Sprintful cope with event scheduling.

Calendly Event Scheduling

With Calendly, you can set one-on-one and group meetings easily. You can also use the collective meeting option to hold conferences with internal teams. To schedule an event, create a team page and list the details. Share the event link with the guests so they can join effortlessly. You can also choose the round-robin method and set a preemptive limit to the event, optimizing time management. As soon as attendees confirm their availability, the dashboard reflects it. Scheduling of recurring events is also possible.

Doodle Event Scheduling

Doodle uses an integrated poll feature to get event attendance confirmations beforehand. People can vote on the best time, and you can then finalize the event time according to the highest number of votes. Doodle democratizes your event scheduling while offering you a smart notification feature - no need to send emails or reschedule events at the last minute!

Sprintful Event Scheduling

Sprintful offers excellent event scheduling options, whether you’re setting up a business meeting with clients, scheduling a regular conference call with your team, or organizing a company-wide event. You can schedule one-on-one and group meetings quickly. Just schedule your event, set the time, and send out invites to attendees via email or your social media platform. Also, you can use a booking page to organize a big event with many guests, such as yearly conferences or online classes. You can limit the number of participants per session or allow people to join on a first-come basis. For recurring events, you can pre-select fixed time slots and days. The advanced round-robin scheduling method helps you effortlessly control the event schedule.

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: Integrations

Strong scheduling software integrations save time and streamline your workflow, as you don’t have to switch between different apps to get things done constantly. Let`s discuss what integration Doodle, Calenly, and Sprintful offer.

Calendly Integrations

Calendly has the following integrations:

  • Calendars: Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook, and Office365
  • Meetings: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Slack
  • Payment: Stripe and PayPal
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

If you want advanced integrated tools, you must purchase the more expensive premium options.

Doodle Integrations

Doodle comes with the following integrated options:

  • Calendars: Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365
  • Meetings: Zoom, Google Meet
  • Payment: Zapier

You will have to pay more if you want to use additional integrations.

Sprintful Integrations

Sprintful has the following robust integrations:

  • Calendars: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft Teams, MS Exchange
  • Meetings: Zoom, Google Meet
  • Payment: Stripe, Zapier
  • Customization: Custom Domain, Custom Integration, Webhooks

Sprintful has powerful customization tools. With them, you can completely remake the platform under your requirements. Sprintful also offers custom integrations.

Calendly vs Doodle vs Sprintful: Pricing

Pricing policy is necessary when choosing any software, as each company, freelancer, or entrepreneur has different budgets. Now we will discuss how much you must pay for Calendly, Doodle, and Sprintful.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly Pricing

Calendly offers 4 plans except for free. Essentials Plan costs $8/user/month. Professional Plan comes at $12/user/month, and the Teams Plan comes at $16/user/month. Enterprise Plan is individual for each client and offers advanced security, control, and support for a 30+ person team. Annual billing is more beneficial. All these plans can be paid annually.

Doodle Pricing

Doodle Pricing

Doodle has 3 paid plans except for some free plans. If you have a small team, you can pay annually at the rate of $8.95/month for 5 users. The Pro option is priced at $6.95/month for 1 user. Enterprise Plan is available at a custom quote with several advanced key features for large businesses. You can save up to 55% with paid plans billed annually.

Sprintful Pricing

Sprintful Pricing

Sprintful has 4 plans with rich features. It offers free trials. Basic Plan is priced at $9 per month. Using it, you can make 500 bookings a month. This is ideal for small businesses or private practices. Professional Plan is rated at $19 per month with 5000 bookings allowed. Business Plan costs $49 a month and offers all the app’s best features. Enterprise Plan accommodates 100+ users and is available at a custom quote.


We recommend you select the app that is easy to use, provides comprehensive core functionality, and has scalability options. Sprintful is an excellent option. Choose wisely!