Calendar Sync

Integrate with Google Calendar
Integrate with Outlook and Office 365
Automatic time zone detection & conversion
Connect multiple external calendars
Block time slots where you’re busy
Create events in your external calendars

Sync your calendars to make sure that you’re never double booked. Sprintful can seamlessly sync with all your external calendars making sure that you never miss an important event.

Calendar integrations

Make sure your schedule is up to date by syncing all your calendars. Connect with Google, Outlook, and Office 365 calendars.

Sync bookings with your personal calendars

When someone books a meeting with you, Sprintful will create a meeting invite on your personal or professional calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook) , exactly as if you have created that event yourself. All with the correct location (in-person / video conference) and the right custom message.

Reads availability from your calendars

You might need some time off every now and then. Sprintful will read your availability from your personal calendars (Google / Outlook) and will prevent bookings on days or time ranges where you’re not available.

Automatic time zone detection

Whether you deal with international customers or maybe they live in a different state, Sprintful automatically detects time zones so everyone sees the right time and date.

Connect multiple external calendars

Other scheduling tools have a limit on the number of calendars you can connect to. But with Sprintful, you can connect all your personal calendars and teams’ calendars to automatically check your availability.