Availability Settings

Configure time ranges or weekly sessions
Support appointment types and durations
Block date or time ranges
Specify buffer between meetings
Prevent far-away bookings
Prevent short notice meetings

Sprintful gives you complete control when it comes to your availability settings. Whether you’re only free on certain hours in certain days, or a class session Monday at 6pm - those are all covered.

Time ranges or weekly recurring sessions

You can configure Sprintful to allow bookings on certain hours or certain days (e.g. 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday for Office Hours) and let it figure out the best time that works for your client and does not conflict with your personal calendar. Alternatively, you can configure Sprintful to allow a predefined session (e.g. 11am-1pm for Gym class, Mondays and Wednesdays) and have your clients subscribe to those sessions.

Appointment types

Some meetings are 30 minutes 1-on-1 video consulting, others are 2-hour weekly sessions with a minimum capacity of 10 attendees. Sprintful allows you to design many aspects of your appointment types, such as duration, attendee capacity, and price.

Blocked dates

Every now and then, you need some time off. It is very easy to block a full day or few hours, where clients will not be able to book you on those time slots.

Short notice, buffers, and look ahead

Nobody likes a surprise meeting that’s booked ten minutes from now, or a meeting booked after three months where your schedule could change. Sprintful brings deeper settings to your scheduling rules, including how soon a meeting can be booked (short-notice protection), how packed your daily schedule can be (e.g. 15 minute minimum buffer between meetings), and how far ahead can a client book you (e.g. no more than two weeks).