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Teams & Collaboration

Sprintful is designed to work for teams of 2 or 10,000. Team managers are able to control billing, monitor activity, and share templates across the organization.

Centralize billing

Bring all your colleagues under a single billing account. When you create a team on Sprintful, you can house all your colleagues under the same credit card or invoice. We charge via credit card, and for Enterprise customers with more than 100 users, we can issue annual invoices.

Report and template sharing

It is important to meet your branding requirements. With Sprintful, you can configure default branding specifications for all users, thus making sure that all your colleagues will have a consistent look and feel. You will also be able to monitor their activity, including bookings.

Domain-wide settings

You can configure Sprintful to house all users with the domain name of your company under a single team, and give them all consistent and unique features. This includes default activity sharing, default branding, and smooth billing experience.