Booking Form

Collect customer details (name, email, phone)
Add unlimited custom questions
Specify question types, required fields, and hints
Collect file attachments from customers
View or download customer booking details
Use URL query strings to auto populate fields

Sometimes you need to know key information in order to prepare for a meeting (company name, use case, etc). Sprintful’s booking form gives you the flexibility you need to have fully informed meetings with your clients.

Customize booking form

Avoid random bookings by requiring customers to provide necessary details for a productive meeting, such contact information, industry, use case, etc.

Advanced question settings

Questions on the booking form can be customized in many ways, including types of acceptable data, question explanations, question example data inputs (“hints”), and whether a question is a required field or optional.


Track your performance and invitee engagement by viewing and analyzing detailed reports with customer bookings and their answers. You are able to visualize or download the relevant data.

CRM and External System Integration

You can easily submit booking forms to any external system via webhooks or via Sprintful’s custom integration capabilities. Sprintful custom integration enables advanced users to write NodeJS code that processes booking requests and submits them easily to external systems.

URL Query Strings and Hidden Fields

You can automatically populate the form fields for your clients, such as their email or their name, thus saving them the effort of typing. This is useful if you already have your client information. Simply append ?email=john@example&name=foo to automatically populate the Email and the Name fields.

You can also include other dynamic information that are not part of the form fields, such as Campaign ID, which will be added as a hidden field in the booking form. This is useful for advanced cases where you want to record marketing attribution - example: