Developers & APIs

APIs to read and write object collections (Pages, Booking, etc)
Webhooks to notify external systems on events
Custom lambda functions triggered on event
Embedding, with full CSS customization

APIs, and supporting custom use cases, is at the core of what Sprintful does. Sprintful exposes the right APIs to read and write data, and the right webhooks to be integrate with external systems.

Sprintful APIs

Access Pages, Bookings, and other data using standard HTTP REST. Sprintful provides intuitive APIs to interact with your account and customize for your use case.


Webhooks are a great way to notify your systems upon events, such as a new booking or a new cancellation. A webhook payloads includes all the necessary information of the event, which can also be acted on by retrieving further information from Sprintful APIs.

Embedding & Custom CSS

We want you to present your Calendar exactly on-brand. This is why each Calendar can be customized using easy CSS - giving you full control over the look and feel.