Team bookings

Simple team booking that caters for every use case. Whether it’s customer support teams, sales teams, or resource reservation - we got you covered.

Auto-assign meetings

Choose how your team gets booked by auto assigning meetings using different availability strategies.

  • Round-robin and prioritized meeting assignments
  • Maximize time choices to your clients
  • Track booking assignments among agents

Team selection page

Share your team booking page with clients and allow them to schedule with the right team member.

  • Create a directory of all available agents
  • Enable clients to choose the agent to book time with
  • Each agent has full control over their availability

Mutual booking availability

Combine all your teams’ availability and only show time slots where every team member is available.

  • Show only time slots where everyone is available
  • Create a meeting invite on every team member’s calendar
  • Track booking assignments among agents

Metrics and reporting

Full visibility on your team’s activity. Track invitee engagement with detailed reports.

  • View meetings booked on teammates calendars
  • Filter bookings per agent calendar
  • Export bookings as detailed spreadsheets

Central billing & user management

Full control over user management and centralized billing for all teammates.

  • Assign an administrator to add and remove teammates
  • Configure privacy and data-sharing among teammates
  • One payment cycle with centralized billing and receipts
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