Calendly vs Scheduleonce vs Sprintful - Which is the best appointment scheduler?

Calendly vs Scheduleonce vs Sprintful - Which is the best appointment scheduler?

If you own a business, you are in a race against time. With internal conferences to conduct and client meetings to attend every day, the clock becomes your biggest contender, sometimes even more so than your market rivals. No wonder effective time management becomes crucial - it directly translates as increased productivity and enhanced performance.

Make the most of your business hours by scheduling your time optimally. If you’re still using outdated channels like calls and emails to set up appointments, we encourage you to throw them right out. Level up your scheduling game starting now! Say goodbye to rambling calls, long emails, and answering dull queries manually. Say hello to online apps that automate your scheduling process from top to bottom.

Appointment scheduling solutions are made with your business needs in mind. Now that you've finally decided to use one, let us steer you in the right direction pronto. Don't sift through the countless options out there. We break down three well-known scheduling software for you – Calendly, Scheduleonce, and Sprintful. Find out their best features, limitations, and pricing details to pick what suits you best.

Calendly vs. Scheduleonce vs. Sprintful

A Quick Introduction

Is scheduling software like an alarm clock or an office assistant? What does it do for you exactly? Several things that won't fit into one sentence! Let's begin by introducing you to the standard features and capabilities of the top-most scheduling options.

Calendly is a scheduling app that comes integrated with your calendar as well as the most widely-used programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting. There's no need to engage in a back-and-forth of confirmation and cancellation emails with your clients. Everything is done automatically – from booking meetings to rescheduling appointments to sending follow-up reminders to payment processing. The manual intervention is low with this solution, adding to its appeal for several industries.

Figure 1 Calendly

Scheduleonce is another solution that lets you control your timetable completely. Book your meetings per your availability and sync your schedule with your calendar to ensure you never miss an appointment. You can share the calendar over email through a direct link. Also, the app has the inbuilt capability to ensure the data privacy of your clients. Such useful features combined make it a powerful tool.

Figure 2 Scheduleonce

When the two options above cover almost everything, why should you look any further? There are excellent reasons for it. Our third candidate, Sprintful, is equipped with flexibility and scalability options that can give Calendly and Scheduleonce a run for their money.

Sprintful helps you with calendar organization and scheduling, but its bonus features of enhanced team management give it a competitive edge. Using Sprintful, you can book meetings across internal teams effortlessly using video conferencing options. Sync your schedule with your Google Calendar to always stay on top of your upcoming agenda.

Moreover, using the customization options, you can redo the platform in the image of your unique brand to guarantee a seamless customer experience. You can accept online payments, automate reminders and add buffer time between meetings per your convenience. It’s like having your own perfect office assistant at your beck and call 24/7.

Figure 3 Sprintful

What Are You Looking For?

Calendly is a straightforward solution. So, if you're looking for simple scheduling features and don't want to spend time learning and adopting advanced tools for enhanced time management, give this app a go. While it comes integrated with multiple features, it demands minimal time and effort to understand and apply it. On the other hand, if you're greedy for broader functionalities, there are better options out there.

Scheduleonce is more suitable for growth-oriented companies. If you’ve got a large scale of operations, this app will come in handy. It not only handles scheduling but also has integrated Salesforce capabilities. Using the latter, you can automate your marketing campaigns and enhance your CRM processes.

Moreover, if you offer multiple slots for clients to pick from, this software is suitable. If you operate from several locations, this app is great as it caters to the needs of different branches in several time zones and shift hours. But if you want a more focused approach to your time management, keep reading.

Sprintful is a highly flexible scheduling solution that caters to your business requirements whether you're a professional, a small- or mid-sized business, or a large company. The features are scalable, and you have all the power to choose what you specifically need. This app offers modern solutions using automated tools that put most of your scheduling processes on auto-pilot, freeing up your time and resources for other business tasks. We'll dive deeper into Sprintful's capabilities as we proceed.

Is It Easy to Use?

From our explanation above, you must have deduced the common denominators between all these scheduling apps. While the features overlap, there are some differences in functionality that set all three apart:

  • Calendly: It offers super quick signup and onboarding experience. You can look around the app and tune into it independently from the outset.
  • Scheduleonce: You have to invest some time before you become fully accustomed to it. Some customers complain of a complex dashboard. While that's no mountain to climb, it will still require you to go through a process of trial and error to make the most of its features.
  • Sprintful: You have the upper hand as the software is extremely customer-friendly. While its customization options are vast, you can master it entirely in a short time. There is no steep learning curve involved.

However, if you know how to navigate online apps, you can get all three apps running your schedule smoothly for you once you dive in.

Can It Manage Your Calendar?

You came here looking to find effective calendar management solutions, and we won't disappoint you. Let's give you a crash course on the calendar management capabilities of all three apps so you can see what each has on offer.

Calendly lives up to its market reputation by offering great calendar tools. You can connect multiple calendars to this single app. Whether it's your personal one or professional schedule, iCalendar or Google or Outlook Calendar (and more!), you will find it integrated into Calendly. If you have different categories of meetings every day - with clients, internal teams, or your kid's PTA - just use different calendars and get your schedule synced in real-time with it. Your time is tracked effectively, so it's convenient for you as well as others to set up appointments per your availability. Since everything is in one place, you can avoid issues like double bookings, missed meetings, or worse, appointments made during your lunch hour.

Figure 4 Calendly Calendar Management

Scheduleonce also has some advanced calendar capabilities up its sleeve. It centralizes the various calendars you already use, whether Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar via EWS or Outlook Calendar. However, if you don't use an external calendar, your bookings will appear in the app's active stream. So be on the lookout for accidental double bookings and preferably use the integrated options.

This app lets you choose not only the time slots for your meeting but also allows you to define the location. The details appear in the calendars, and you can share them easily with your clients and teams through a link. The UI can get a little complicated, though, especially if you have multiple users onboard. You'll go through a learning curve to get the hang of it.

Figure 5 Scheduleonce Calendar Management

Sprintful offers adaptable calendar functions that you can use exactly per your needs. Like others, the app is integrated with all the mainstream external calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365. If you want to connect multiple calendars to the app to keep track of different parts of your life - personal, social, business - go ahead with this software; it will accommodate you easily.

Since it syncs your schedule with your calendar, you receive constant updates and alerts on the booked time slots. This helps you avoid overscheduling and double booking. A remarkable feature is you can block time off on the calendar to disallow bookings in slots you have reserved for other things.

There's little need for last-minute cancellation or rescheduling on your end due to technical issues. Sprintful lets you keep things transparent from the get-go and ensures a seamlessly professional experience for your clients.

Figure 6 Sprintful Calendar Management

What About Reminders?

Setting appointments is just the first step, but how can you ensure they are met? You know by now that manual methods of following up are no longer in fashion. It's wonderful that none of the scheduling solutions we explore in this blog require manual intervention.

Calendly optimizes your entire workflow by automating the process of following up with clients. You can use it to send reminder emails as well as thank you notes. You can check in with your clients online and get confirmation on upcoming meetings.

Figure 7 Calendly Notifications

Scheduleonce also brings some advanced notification capabilities to the table. You can set up the software to automate sending emails and SMS alerts to customers. You can also get confirmations for upcoming meetings or events. You don't have to sit and modify your calendar each time a cancellation or reschedule request arrives. It's just synced to your calendar, and you're effortlessly notified of any and all changes in your schedule.

Figure 8 Scheduleonce Notifications

Sprintful lets you set text and email reminders to visitors. It’s a simple process. Use it to send confirmation notifications as soon as a client makes a booking. You can also add reminder notifications for existing appointments. The interface is clean, as you can see in the image below.

Write the message you want to send and set the time you want it to be delivered. For instance, you can send an alert to a client 15 minutes before their appointment time. This serves as both a follow-up and reminder and prevents no-shows. It’s pretty convenient, considering it comes built-in with the app.

Figure 9 Sprintful Notifications

Can It Handle Event Schedules?

Calendly allows you to set multiple kinds of meetings, whether with individuals, internal teams, or stakeholders. You can create a team page and list the details of the appointment, then share the link. If you want the experience to be customer-focused, you can allow the attendees to select the time slot per their availability using the round-robin method.

After an event is scheduled, Calendly shows you the confirmation status of the participants. Invitees can also schedule recurring events. Additionally, with pro-subscription, you can easily share the event link and redirect people to external sites.

Figure 10 Calendly Scheduling

Scheduleonce offers multiple scheduling features, much like Calendly. It allows the clients to set meetings with you per your availability. Also, you can determine the meeting time and share the event link with attendees. You can send automatic calendar invitations using a secure link for external platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and more.

However, the option to share meeting invites on social media isn't hassle-free. So if you're running a business on Instagram or want to share your event through your official Facebook page, it might prove a little inconvenient.

Figure 11 Scheduleonce Scheduling

Sprintful lets you set up one-on-one as well as group meetings quickly. For both, the event sharing option is quick - just generate a link to the specific event and share it with the attendees. You can send the link via your email or social media for greater access. You can also create a booking page for events with several participants, such as group meetings or classes.

Set the number of participants per session if you want to keep things exclusive. If you're allowing attendance on a first-come, first-serve basis, you can show the number of available slots to people so they can book before the seats run out. Plus, you can set fixed days and time slots for recurring events.

Doing all this might appear complex, but you'll be surprised at how effortless it is using the centralized dashboard.

Figure 12 Sprintful Scheduling

Let’s Talk Integrations

Robust integrations are vital for any scheduling app. Likewise, the three software we explore in this article come with reasonable integration.

Calendly has strong external app integration and supports nearly all popular calendar options that you or anyone else in your business uses. These include Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook, and Office365. In addition to this, it also has integrated payment options through platforms like Stripe and PayPal, allowing you to accept online payments securely from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, it satisfies the modern customer's demand by incorporating social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. However, some more advanced integrated tools are only available if you upgrade to a more expensive option.

Figure 13 Calendly Integrations

Scheduleonce also comes with great integrations, including calendars like Google, iCloud, and Outlook. Other valuable integrations include Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail, and Slack. Its advanced features mean you get app integrations specifically geared toward your sales and marketing teams, such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, and HubSpot.

Figure 14 Scheduleonce Integrations

Sprintful comes with solid integrations as well. Apps like Google Calendar, Office365, and Outlook are integrated. Other than that, you can easily conduct video conferences as the software is integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Moreover, chat platforms like Slack make it easy for you to keep up with the daily management of your team.

The tool integrates with Stripe to facilitate online payment. Plus, you can always use Zapier to add more and more apps per your specific requirement, making it a fully adaptable solution.

Figure 15 Sprintful Integrations

Pricing Levels

Calendly has four packages on offer. Their Basic Plan is always free, while the Premium Plan costs $8/user/month. The Pro Plan comes at $12/user/month and the Enterprise Plan, meant for larger operations, is available at a custom quote.

Figure 16 Calendly Pricing Packages

Scheduleonce has limited options available in comparison with Calendly. The Starter plan is free of cost and meant for new businesses and individuals; however, the features are fewer. Next, the Growth Plan is for larger teams and advanced users at $9/month. The Enterprise option requires a custom quote.

Figure 17 Scheduleonce Pricing

Sprintful offers three packages upfront, with the available features listed down clearly. The Basic Plan is $9 a month and supports 500 bookings a month, ideal for small businesses or private practices. The Professional Plan comes with 5000 bookings a month, at $19. Then, the Business Plan caps at $49 a month with the full range of features accessible to you at what's an affordable rate if you're a large business. The Enterprise Plan accommodates 100+ users and is available at a custom quote, as well.

Figure 18 Sprintful Pricing

What’s the Verdict?

All the three apps we have described in this blog cater to different business requirements. Regardless, whether you go for Calendly, Scheduleonce, or Sprintful, you'll have a great scheduling solution available at an affordable rate. Of course, each app has some limitations you would want to work around. In that case, choose the option that fits your needs best.

An app might come with countless integrations, but it would add little value to your business if you simply don't need it. Skip what appears fancy and assess your business needs as well as the cost you're willing to pay for the available plan. Don't forget to factor a smooth user interface and ease of accessibility into your decision-making process. Sprintful allows both, by the way.

Let us end the article by nudging you toward Sprintful, especially if you're someone excited to try modern, scalable options. It would benefit you in ways you haven't imagined yet, if we might say so ourselves.

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