Top 10 Enterprise Scheduling Software February 23, 2023

Central time management is one of the most essential yet hardest aspects of the success of any business. It improves operational effectiveness by optimizing the business processes with minimal production issues. The constant struggle between day-to-day automation, time-constrained scheduling, and on-time deliverables of value-driven services often end up with the embarrassment of delayed delivery or a loss of an opportunity altogether.

Additionally, the various misconceptions around project management software further aggravate, instead of relieving, the taxing cycle of scheduling meetings, memorizing important dates, attending meetings, keeping notes – all with delivering your projects on time.

Most project management software do not have the built-in support for automated scheduling and enterprise-wide visibility into the processes across multiple systems. This calls for a comprehensive and flexible enterprise scheduling software that allows you to lessen your workload through centrally managed, real-time notifications and alerts.

Modern enterprise scheduling software is changing the conventional organizational scheduling and time management methods by helping businesses automate meetings and appointment scheduling. We have compiled a list of enterprise scheduling software with unique features and pricing detail to help choose the one best suited to your business needs.

Have a look at the broadly reviewed top 10 enterprise scheduling software to streamline your business communication for increased productivity and profitability.

Reliable Appointment Scheduling

There is a reason why thousands of individuals and companies use Sprintful appointment scheduling software. It ranks among the most flexible and affordable enterprise scheduling solutions in the market for its ability to maximize your business through optimal time management. Sprintful also provides the highest level of personalization by allowing you to create your on-brand webpage with your domain name and business logo for you to embed the web link anywhere you like.‍

It is ideal for sales executives and HR consultants to set up appointments easily by creating booking pages for one-on-one meetings, group sessions, webinars, virtual events, and tutorials. The calendar synchronization option automatically blocks your booked time slots to eliminate the inconvenience and misunderstandings stemming from double bookings or rescheduling. The best part is that you can sync all the other calendars you use in one place to enhance your client's experience of booking, canceling, and rescheduling with you.

Additionally, to accommodate the critical role of management tools in business since the broader implementation of the WFH model, Sprintful provides easy integration with a range of other tools. It includes Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, SMS, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., to save you the trouble of adding completely new software.


  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Real-time calendar synchronization and embedment
  • Custom branding and outlook
  • Customized alerts, notifications, and availability settings
  • One-on-one, group meetings, and team collaboration
  • Third-party integrations
  • Video conferencing


Sprintful is a complete package with high flexibility, wide-ranging support features, and affordability. It facilitates every appointment scheduling requirement of startups, individual entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and business organizations.


None. If you don't count being too perfect.

Price Plans

  • Free 7 day trial
  • Basic Plan - $9.0 /month
  • Professional Plan - $19 /month
  • Business Plan - $49.0 /month
  • Enterprise Plan - (100+ users) By Quote

Real-Time Booking from Social Media Apps

The advertisement business has been blooming since the upsurge of social media platforms. People spend more time on these platforms for news, tips, socializing, and knowledge than any other channel. How convenient it would be to grow clients from social media platforms while they browse and book with you without the compulsion of booking via emails or phone calls.

Acuity integrates with social media apps like Facebook and Instagram with real-time availability to your clients to schedule their appointments with you. Your clients enjoy the freedom of canceling or rescheduling by themselves and get automated notifications sent to them and you. Additionally, there is no disorientation of operating in different parts of the world because Acuity displays the time per your client's time zone for easy understanding. Your employees can reach out to you from multiple locations depending on your subscribed package.

Given that good communication and customer service are the backbones of any business, Acuity allows you to mitigate last-minute cancellations. It auto-sends courtesy emails to your clients and employees with a customizable template that can for various services offered by you. Moreover, you can also integrate video conferencing and text your clients to avoid missed appointments/no-shows.


  • Scheduler integration on your website
  • Reporting on appointments, show up, and no shows
  • Google Calendar, iCloud,, Exchange, and Office 365 synchronization
  • 500+ apps supported for integration via Zapier
  • Credit card vault to charge as per appointment type
  • Calendar share by social media app or website
  • Direct scheduling links
  • Gift certificates, memberships, group packages for clients


Acuity payment options allow you to charge payment deposits like percentage or some amount for your appointment. This feature is valuable if you face too many missed appointments and loss of time slots in case of a no-show.


  • Text messages are not available in a basic package.
  • Time zone availability only in the Powerhouse package.
  • Degraded performance and service disruption 3 times in a month.

Price Plans

  • Emerging - $14 /month
  • Growing - $23  /month
  • Powerhouse - $45 /month

Versatile Appointment Booking

Nothing frustrates professionals with limited time and decent business clientele more than missed appointments and wasted time slots. Yet, there are days when it is hard to keep up with the client influx, and all you can do is offer an alternate time to prevent potential prospects.

Schedulicity offers various industries to choose from with add-on marketing, online, and cash payment tools. It has something for everyone, from healthcare, beauty, and lifestyle to travel, training, and education, Schedulicity provides easy booking and commitment reshuffling.

The most distinct feature of Schedulicity is the client waitlist request. It is invaluable to service-based sessions and enables you to add different clients, if one cancels the appointment, another can fill the space. Another handy characteristic is to spot first-time clients as well as regular clients for mutually convenient recurring scheduling.


  • First-time clients notifications
  • Client messages
  • Waitlist requests
  • Mobile and iPad support
  • Group bookings for clients
  • Cloud, on-premises, and mobile support


You can book a series of appointments with your clients in case you want to cancel a standalone appointment without affecting the whole series.


  • Schedulicity has an expensive starting package as compared to many other similar services.
  • It only has Schedulicity-pay and Sprint available as payment options due to the lack of Paypal integration.

Price Plans

  • Solo provider - $34.99/ Month
  • Growing business - $44.99 – 84.99 / Month
  • Big businesses - $94.99 / Month

Don't Miss, Reschedule Or Reassign

Are you too busy to attend a scheduled meeting? Are you overbooked and forced to cancel some of your appointment? Don't worry! With Appointlet, you can now reschedule your meeting without worrying about offending the involved parties and reassign the appointment to another team member.

Appointlet offers flexible duration and frequency for your meeting, from 10 minutes introductory call to a 2-hour in-depth session - your time your decision. It allows you to manually accept meetings, add or remove team members, and make the availability of your team members visible to the clients to book with whomever they want through the personalized booking page. Furthermore, whenever there is a large influx of appointment requests, the pooled availability feature automatically assigns any available member to the client.

There is also a time zone detections support available that displays the time of client zone for their ease. You can integrate Appointlet with many third-party platforms like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, among many others. Another valuable and rather unique scheduling includes translation that lets you and your clients view booking pages in different languages such as English, French, German, and more.


  • Automatic task and meeting rescheduling/reassigning
  • Talent team pooled availability
  • Multi-member login
  • Customizable confirmation emails and booking pages
  • Customized meeting approvals request
  • Real-time zone detection support
  • Multilingual booking pages
  • Third-Party integrations


  • Appointlet allows a free version with unlimited bookings, meeting types, and form fields.
  • Bookings updates in the calendar are automated to avoid duplicate bookings.


It only supports Stripe as a payment processing method.

Price Plans

  • 14 days free trial
  • Unlimited free admin interface
  • Premium - $8 / month for each member

Priority Member Scheduling

Choosing the right option for your query can be tricky. In most cases, the clients are not actually mindful of the right choice of available consultants for their issue. It often results in substandard work quality that can be prevented if the clients are directed to the right person by the admin deemed to be in the best position to decide the suitable team member for a specific concern. This common scenario calls for a predefined protocol to have a personalized booking with the specialized service provider.

Timekit provides you the flexibility to prioritize your group members as per the expertise and availability to be booked for an appointment through an automated selective feature. It saves both parties time and resources as well as ensures a better work experience by the quality provided by subject-matter experts of your team.

Moreover, Timekit extracts specific members' free slots from the calendar for one-on-one or group bookings and displays the minimum time availability for a free slot. It prevents rushed, unprepared meetings appearances by allowing you to gather customer information through surveys and reviews before accepting a meeting. You can also reassign your appointments in case of an unexpected cancellation by giving your client the courtesy to select the rescheduled date and time. Furthermore, with the Timekit Granular Availability filter, you can control future booking periods up to months by expressing your availability for specific days and times and never stress about reliably managing team/business meets.


  • Flexible team/individual session durations
  • Centralized billing availability
  • Performance reporting and metrics
  • Access control for team
  • Priority member booking
  • Booking distribution
  • Automated free slot extraction
  • API platform
  • Third-Party resource integration


Minimum scheduling notice helps you avoid unexpected meetings by controlling the anticipated time required for a booking.


  • There is no multi-location management support.
  • Stripe is the only available option for credit card payment processing


  • 14 days free trial
  • Essential $49 / Month
  • Professional $149 / Month
  • Platform $349 / Month
  • Enterprise – Get Quote

All-in-One Scheduling Services

There is a downside to having endless service options available online. One lapse of judgment and your business is up to face mismanagement, discrepancies, reduced productivity, and possible financial loss. Although the specific tech solutions are relatively a safe bet, the multi-purpose enterprise-level software lends you a safety cushion through maximum customization as per business requirements, infrastructure, and nature – even if you made a semi-ideal choice.

Bitrix24 enterprise scheduling software is one such dynamic solution that offers a range of applications and services in a single environment catering to varying business sizes, needs, and industries. From independent entrepreneurs, enterprise-wide functionality to department-specific usability like marketing, HR, legal, etc., it is a one-stop shop for your business essentials. Bitrix24 comes in five major modules that include CRM, contact center, task and project management, collaboration, and websites.

Its task automation and project management tool support allow you to efficiently schedule and execute meetings with distributed clients and teams. There is no limit to video conferencing duration, webinar participation (adding up to 24 participants), private/group call and chat recording, file sharing, etc. Furthermore, You can also track the active working hours of your employees and manage internal/external communication through secured modules for reduced misunderstandings, increased productivity, and smooth business operation.


  • Customer service via call, chat, forms
  • Employee/client scheduling
  • Audio and video recording
  • Cloud and on-premise support
  • Remote working tools
  • Employee management directory and profile
  • Client database
  • Multiple calendars and multiple views (Daily, Weekly, monthly)
  • Integration with third-party apps/extensions
  • SSL, RSA encryption


  • Despite enterprise-level operations, it supports small businesses by providing a free version.
  • It offers Paypal as well as Stripe payments option.


If having too many options instead of just scheduling and appointment support can be overwhelming, Bitrix24 is not ideal for you.

Price Plans


  • Free for small business
  • Basic - $39 / Month
  • Standard - $79 / Month
  • Professional - $159 / Months

On- Premise

  • Business - $2990
  • Enterprise - $24,990

Grow With Automation

When businesses evolve, requirements eventually change from when you started out. The decisions and choices you make today become incompatible with a predefined infrastructure and objectives. Keeping this predicament in mind, Appointy, online booking software designs, develops, deploys, and maintains customized scheduling solutions for you.

It's not only about customized email templates and booking pages anymore, Appointy provides highly personalized and automated scheduling software for enterprises. Your stakeholders define workflows, integration requirements, scheduling specifics, and system architecture to serve your customers better. And using generic software for specific requirements just does not cut the deal.

Additionally, Appointy comes packed with in-built power scheduling features that are designed to help you manage and grow your business. It allows you to digitally accept/cancel appointments, sends automated reminders via emails and messages, integrates with third-party tools and platforms, set up and accept online prepayments, among other features.


  • Inbuilt and third-party integrations
  • Customized use cases and workflows
  • Secure data with HIPAA compliances
  • Website and Facebook integrations
  • 24/7 Client self-schedule
  • Two way Google calendar sync
  • Set staff and service working hours
  • Analysis Report


  • It gives you a choice between a personalized and generic experience.
  • It supports multiple payment processing options, including Paypal, Stripe, and


Its mobile app support is not reliable and prone to glitches quite often.

Price Plans

  • Free version and 14-day trial available
  • Growth $29.99 / Month
  • Professional $59.99 / Month
  • Enterprise $99.99 / Month

24/7 Functional Bookings

If you plan to sell a video tutorial online or are ready to offer a refresher course, you must remind your audience. It will require a trip through your large customer database and extracting the ones you need – it is a tedious and time-consuming process. Moreover, persuading the existing ones to join for the next webinar or sessions would be hectic as well. SimplyBookMe solves both of these problems through one easy solution.

Retain and remind your longtime clients from a single platform to increase your productivity and sales with SimplyBookMe. It allows you to send reminders to the existing clients by offering different discounts and promotions with customized emails to join again. With SimplyBookMe, you attract immediate bookings with social media app integration, offer memberships, host webinars, events, and classes from the comfort of your desktop anytime.

It's admin interface gives you a centralized view of your schedules, bookings, appointments, and calendar. You can keep track of daily sales and invoices, add taxes or apply discount coupons for your regular client with this power-packed scheduling software.


  • Sales and client report
  • Credit, cash, gift cards, and pay later payment options
  • Onsite and online bookings
  • Automated business insights and performance analysis
  • Customized website with free templates
  • Personal assistant – iBob
  • Fixed start and appointment time
  • Google and Outlook Calendar two-way sync


It supports eight payment options, including Paypal, Alipay, Square, Gocoin, etc.


Customized domain names and SMS are not included in the package price.

Price Plans

  • 14 days free trial
  • Basic - $9.9 / Month
  • Standard - $29.9 / Month
  • Premium - $59.9 / Month
  • Enterprise – Get Quote

Doodle: No More Email Conversations

Your meeting confirmation email arrived when you had left the office, and now you already have a pending task waiting for you the next day. Life can be simpler if you have an automated scheduler managed by a click and tap!

There is no need for email conversations tossing back and forth to decide a suitable time for a 15-minute meeting anymore. Doodle, an easy scheduling application, helps you save time and resources by eliminating the need for second-hand appointment scheduling.

It enables you to control and set a booking date and time of your choice and let your client choose from your proposed slots. Schedule a short pre-meeting briefing internally to get teams aligned beforehand. Another great feature of Doodle is to extract free slots of the team members and book the golden hour for a meeting.

Doodle also has some additional privacy features that allow you to make your calendar and schedule private from others. You can go offline for a break to avoid being added to unwanted meetings. You can also sync your calendars and ask for collaborative scheduling by allowing members to choose to schedule a day with you. Simply book, send URL links in email for the invite, and you are done for the day.


  • Dashboard broadcast
  • Automated reminders and time-consuming tasks
  • Customized branding with logo and domain
  • Support and training programs for enterprise
  • AWS secure hosting
  • Integration with everyday tools
  • Android and iPhone app support
  • Collaborative scheduling
  • Personalized SLAs


Its team package is highly flexible and budget-friendly that includes five members.


  • The priority support and training are only available for enterprise clients.
  • It only provides an annually charged payment option.

Price Plans

  • Pro $6.95/ Month
  • Team $8.95 / Month
  • Enterprise – Get Quote

Leverage Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is highly valuable for any business to help them improve their lacking and shortfalls. It helps you to move towards improvement, advancement, and consistent business growth. Setmore, an online appointment booking software, provides a free booking page to share on your website and social channels, including Facebook and Instagram. Having a website with positive customer views pinned on it is a sign of your good performance and instills trust in your visitors as well as customers.

Its all-in-one calendar enables your prospecting and regular clients to book your time through the booking page from desktop and mobile. You can use the Setmore app for Android either as a standalone or in conjunction with your Setmore account for increased visibility and accessibility. Setmore allows you to set up instant email notifications and appointment alerts for automatic confirmation and reminders to prevent no show or miscommunication.

Additionally, your Booking page allows customers to self-book for your advertised services by paying you in advance or after service without any additional fee. Payments details are auto-stored for your record, bookkeeping, and sales tracking.


  • 24/7 booking page
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile support
  • Secure payments with no additional fee
  • Customer reviews option
  • Website plugin and social media integration
  • Recurring appointments
  • Staff login from multiple locations
  • SMS reminders


  • The free package allows up to four users to either utilize Setmore as a team or in an individual capacity.
  • It supports integration with various e-commerce websites such as Shopify, Joomla, and Weebly, etc.


It only supports Stripe and Square as payment options for debit and credit cards.

Price Plans

  • Free version
  • Premium $9 per user / Month
  • Pro $5 per user / Month


The carefully reviewed and summed-up list of enterprise scheduling software is intended to help you make the best choice for your business. Each of the above-mentioned software has a different support mechanism but only one objective and that is to make enterprise scheduling easy for you!