Best Scheduling Software for Small Businesses.

Sprintful is an appointment scheduling solution that is made from the grounds-up for professional and businesses. Very easy to use, with unique capabilities to present your company the way it should be; your logo, your branding, and notifications from your own email account ( Used by Government entities, universities, Fortune 500, and a long list of small businesses around the world.

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One-on-one session custom branding

Spot-on branding

First impressions matter. Sprintful gives you full control over the look and feel of your booking page to reflect your professional brand.

Your own domain, logo, and color palette
Customize confirmation screen or redirect upon booking
Custom CSS to control every pixel in your page
One-on-one session external calendar sync

External calendar sync

Never be double booked again. Sprintful integrates with your personal and professional calendars, knows exactly when you’re busy and when you’re free.

Real time two-way calendar sync
Sync with multiple calendars
Create meeting events in your external calendar
One-on-one session detailed availability

Detailed availability

No more meetings at inconvenient hours or weekends. Sprintful makes you available to your customers at exactly the best times.

Multiple appointment types with custom durations
Time ranges or weekly recurring sessions
Prevent short notice meetings and packed weekdays
One-on-one session custom notifications

Advanced notifications

No-shows no-more. Send customized notifications upon bookings and before meetings.

Send them over Email, SMS, or Slack
Setup reminders before meetings
CC your colleagues or internal systems
One-on-one session custom booking form

Custom booking forms

Be prepared for your meetings. Sprintful enables you to design your own booking form, like a micro-survey, that way you know exactly who you’re speaking to.

Collect customer details (name, email, phone)
Collect file attachments from customers
Auto populate fields using query strings

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One-on-one session custom locations

Online or in-person

Whether it’s online or in-person, you can configure Sprintful to tell your customers exactly where to meet.

Automatically generate video conferencing link
Integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
Supports off-line, in-person locations
One-on-one session different time zones

Localization and time zone detection

Sometimes your customers are in a different country. Sprintful will adjust to their own time zones; no need for calculating time differences and daylight savings.

Automatically detect time zones
Customize language and currency
Use 12-hour or 24-hour formats
Group session participants

Two or 200 participants

Need to organize an event with more than two participants? With Sprintful, you can easily create your own booking page for group classes, group meetings, or for your upcoming event.

Cap the number of attendees per session
Show number of available seats to visitors
Manage bookings from a central dashboard
Team auto-assign meetings

Auto-assign meetings

Choose how your team gets booked by auto assigning meetings using different availability strategies.

Round-robin and prioritized meeting assignments
Maximize time choices to your clients
Track booking assignments among agents
Team selection page

Team selection page

Share your team booking page with clients and allow them to schedule with the right team member.

Create a directory of all available agents
Enable clients to choose the agent to book time with
Each agent has full control over their availability

.... with integrations that make your life easier

Google calendar Zoom Google meet MS outlook Office 365 MS teams MS exchange Slack Zapier Stripe Webhooks

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7-days trial, no credit card required, no strings attached.